Sunday, November 06, 2005

Oh My, I think I woke up a Democrat!

Well I forewarned you all that I may write about anything.

I have spent most of my life living here in very conservative Indiana but have traveled and studied issues around the country and the world. And for many years of my life I would have considered myself a die hard Republican but I am not sure what I am today based on the ramblings and grand standing on both sided of the aisle. The most recent issue being dealt with here in Indiana is prayer in our General Assembly.

The Indiana Civil Liberties Union if pushing a lawsuit here in Indiana about this issue. With a hearing a few days ago it has been a major issue in our local paper especially in the letters to the editor section which I think has become reserved for the extreme activists on both sides. And that is funny in itself as people on the far right think only liberals are extreme and vice versa. Both both sides seem to be out of touch with the majority of America.

So the controversy continues about prayer and whether there should be any prayer, or a random sampling of different religions EST. Recently many from the far right are taking shots at my local state Rep over his opinion that there are too many Christian prayer, he happens to be Jewish. I personally think they should have prayer to open the sessions at the state house and they should be non-denomanational prayers. This country was founded on a belief in God! But leave it at that, let each person decide who God is to them, the state house is not a place to decide or grand stand as the whom the real god is.

Have we all forgotten why this country was founded? Why those farmers and local officials decided to tell England no more? Taxes and Religion! They wanted a voice if they were going to be taxed and they wanted freedom of religion. And if you look at the history of the world most wars stated over religion and how many of them have settled that debate?

Well here is one issue that makes me question whether I am on the right or the left or in the middle and if I am in the middle who represents me in government?

More to come....

I wonder where we are going with all these fights.


Kim Ayres said...

Hi Jeff, thanks for stopping by my blog.

I look forward to reading more of yours as it develops. I see you have already linked to BStrong. So far he's the only other father of a child with DS that I'm regularly exchanging posts with, so I'll be particularly interested in your experiences with Nash.

Posts of mine where I have more specificaly dealt with the issue of my daughter and her DS are Downs Syndrome is not an issue, and Lada Owner's Club. Although they are older entries, feel free to leave comments if they spark any thoughts in you.

BStrong said...

I try to stay as far away from Politics as I can because I grew up in a democratic household, but when I came of age to vote I registered as Republican and then years later switched to democrat. Now I have no clue what I am.