Saturday, December 04, 2010

Congress To Consider National Special Needs Parent Day??

A resolution calling for the establishment of a national day to recognize the parents of children with special needs is expected to be considered as early as Tuesday in the House of Representatives.
If passed, the resolution would not alter any laws, but would be a ceremonial way for the House to ask the president to issue a proclamation creating an annual day to honor parents of those with special needs.

A recent Department of Health and Human Services survey estimates that 14 percent of American children from birth to age 17 have a chronic physical, developmental, behavioral or emotional condition, according to the resolution, which is sponsored by Rep. Dan Burton, R-Ind.

“Parents of special needs children deserve annual national recognition for their selfless dedication, compassion and sacrifice,” the resolution says.

These people in Washington DC have now proven 100% that they have lost their ever loving minds.  As they would say down south Bless their Hearts but what the hell are they thinking?

I can tell you this from my standpoint:

  • I did not ask for Nash to be born with Down syndrome
  • I am not selfless...I have a life beyond being a dad and I am pretty arrogant
  • I don't think the government or god chose me to be a parent of a child with a disability
  • I am no more dedicated to Nash then I would be for any other child if I had others
  • Well the word compassion is not one usually used in describing my personality
  • And Sacrifice/?  What did I sacrifice? 

What these Bureaucratic goofballs need to do if they want to honor parents of children with disabilities is pretty simple.


FULLY FUND IDEA without loopholes for states and schools to be able to skirt the issue and use the money how they please.

Pass the ABLE Act and allow us to save for our children....

Quite making them live in poverty to be able to have the safety net of health insurance thru Medicaid

I could go on but they would not get it.  They just love to make promises, grandstand, spend money and do nothing in hopes that they will get re-elected.

I wonder....since we elect folks....they go to DC and take their walking orders not from the folks that elected them but the party they that not taxation without representation?

And quit calling my kid special.  He is not special he is just Nash.  He has a disability and it's called Down syndrome and that entitles him to be able to access some civil rights legislation that will help him live the American Dream.  Yep the same kind of laws that allowed women to go to college and African Americans to attend schools with their white peers.

Give me a break.

Peace Dude.

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