Sunday, August 01, 2010

I feel like my Grandfather

I told Jan the other day I feel like my Grandfather of late. My grandfather was a smart man in the way's of the economy. He ran the main production area of US Steel Gary Works and could judge how things were going based on steel orders and production.

I don't have that yardstick but I measure based on what I see and feel. As a few examples.

Our current administration in Indiana has passed property tax caps that will ultimately just be a tax shift. This tax cap has caused a major meltdown of our schools, local government and property taxes increased in the future.

They have also farmed out sweetheart deals to their buddies at IBM that is now in court even though it was fact it did not work in Texas before they signed the contract. Pretty smart Mitch. Now the foreign company that operates our toll road is trying to claim government immunity in a law suit.

Neighbors are protesting in Indy about Walgreen's wanting to sell alcohol to keep up with CVS. It will destroy their neighborhoods and raise crime. Huh? By selling at Walgreens where their is almost no chance someone underage or intoxicated would go to buy booze. Come on people it the people not the store.

Tim Durham and his whole deal that never has really turned into anything. I guess you can steal $200 million in Indiana and just go live your life in California if you donate to the right people.

Just seems to me that the whole world is a bit off it's center............

Peace Dude.

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