Sunday, May 03, 2009

When Pride Still Mattered!

As a kid growing up I lived a pretty good life. I got to spend time with my grandparents who all made good livings that would be hard to accomplish today.

One set of granparents lived in Gary and my Grandfather worked at "The Mill" also know as United States Steel, Gary Works. My grandmother was a stay at home mom. I would visit thier house on 2nd Avenue and never worried about anything. My great grandmother lived around the corner and I could go over there anytime I wanted when I was in town. And sometimes I got to go to Southern IL where by grandfather was from to visit my great grandmother down there and hear stories about my family and the coal mines. You see my grandfather left southern IL when the coal mines slowed down to go to work at "The Mill".

My other granparents lived the American dream in my beloved Deleware County Indiana where the best sweet corn in the world is grown. My grandfather built his house down the road from his parents and he farmed the land with his wife and son's. My Grandmother was also a registered nurse and helped deliver many of her 16 grandkids including me. My grandfather was a tough old man who farmed during the day and worked at the glass factory in town at night. I have no idea when that man slept.

Both set's of grandparents raised thier kids and lived a good life and were able to do many of the things they had wanted and saw both my parents graduate from college. Both my parents have masters degree's and are educators.

As a kid growing up in Yorktown the neighborhood I lived in was nothing fancy but it was nice. It was safe and clean and all the kids had fun. I think back and most of the neighborhood was filled with teachers, small business owners and automobile factory workers. My best friends parents were a GM guy and a registered nurse.

What is my point. I am scratching my head trying to figure our where we have come in the last 25 years and where we are going. And bottom line as I have said before the problem with our country is Wall Street and the goof ball analysts that know nothing about business that have been driving performance based on profit instead of sound business practices.

We can blame it on the politicians, the R's or the D's, they conservatives and the liberals, the unions, the teachers, the universities, the parents, the kids......whatever you want to do......but here is the real's a lack of visionary leadership.....

All we have are a bunch of followers in government doing what ever the party tells them to do.....I love how they blame it on lobbyistst.....well if that was the case we would get things done instead of gridlock based on party lines....this is true at every level of governement from school board the the white house......

It's time for things to change folks.....or maybe I am missing all the opportunities for the middle class today?

Please enlighten me.....and don't bring sorry stories about our education.....we have the smartest people in the world here and we exclude no one from school so get over yourself on that one. And ISTEP was designed with a 40% failure rate so we are gettng the exact results we asked for......let's talk career centers and options other then college as the college dream is not not affordable.

Peace Dude.

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Embrace the Rage said...

Not surprising, since people have lost sight of what is important in life. From politicians to Wall Street to our school boards, doing the right thing has been replaced with political correctness and expediency, coupled with a self-serving attitude and arrogance.

Almost wants to make you go out West and start your own country....oh, wait a minute. Some folks tried that already.