Saturday, April 18, 2009

A tax is only a tax when..................

A few years ago and I had the opportunity to talk with my good friend Senator
Luke Kenley
about the idea of a non nutritive beverage tax to fund the waiting list for services for individuals with disabilities. Senator Kenley and I had a very good conversation about this issue and while it would have only raised the cost of a COKE a penny he would not move it forward as the public would not accept a tax increase for this idea.

Well fast forward a few years and you will find my good friend Senator Kenley throwing tax increases all over the place to help out the Colts, The Pacers, The Irsays, The Simons, and the inept operators of the city of Indianapolis.

Senator Kenley I very much accepted your explanation on the tax we proposed to help individuals with disabilities so please help me out why you are supporting a tax increase to assist two of the wealthiest families in Indiana???

For more on the Simon/Pacers side of this issue please read:

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Peace Dude

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AZ Chapman said...

wow looks like he is the opisate of Robin hood to bad jeff keep at then