Sunday, May 11, 2008

I have been tagged! "Some Background"

My good friend Michelle over at Elliot's Expeditions has tagged me. Thanks Michelle and I will give this a try....

What was I doing 10 years ago: Well in 1998 I was living in North west Indiana in a cabin on 15 wooded acres. I was running a small packaging machinery company and spent about as much time on a plane or in another state as I did in Indiana. I had not yet met Jan and that did not happen until August of 1998. So with that said I was still invovled in my series of one date wonders. I had a process as I was getting older, I wanted to have children and I did not have much time for bs. So the rule was that if a date could not keep my interest in a conversation thru dinner there was no second date. The very few that a second date worked for me or her their schedule and mine usually let things dwindle from there. But hey that all worked that way for a reason as I soon met Jan and had to answer all these interenet questions but that is a story unto itself. Then on our first date she was 2 1/2 hours late and for those that know me personally know I have no patience and do not wait on anyone but in this instance I did....Well Nash is proof that it was worth the wait.

5 things on my to do list today: Hmm...well this is a tough one for me as I rarely do daily to do lists. My lists are bigger picture and have to do with lofty goals ect. But if I had a list for today it would be wishing Jan and my Mom a happy Mothers Day. Clean the kitchen and the rest of the house. And do the laundry for Jan. Oh and probably watch a laid back movie or two....something soothing like let me see...."Brave Heart" or "Boiler Room".

Things I would do if I were a Billionaire: Well I guess the above list of lofty goals and things I selfishly want would be filled. They would include adding on to our house. A H1 Hummer and Prevost Motor home and would probably have to own a stake in an oil company. I new Full Dresser, a 1993 perfect condition "Cow Glide" and if I have to explain what that is you would not understand. And probably a few other toy's for the whole gang. Oh, let me see I bet you were looking for some lofty idealistic "I am gonna change the world thing"? Ok, well I have my ideas on that. I would start two organizations. One would be a parent run organization that focused on houseing and employment. We spend millions every year at the University level, Federal and State government level and provider level and that still can't get it right. We as parents need to take the system back. With that said I would also start a national legislative organization that brought all the parent groups to the table. We would only work on the 80% of items we can all agree on and we would show Washington together the disability world is the largest minority group in the county. Wow, now that would be some fun.

3 Bad Habit's: Hmm, lack of patience, I cuss to much and I smoke cigars.

5 places I have lived: Let's see. Yorktown Indiana, Findlay Ohio, Laporte Indiana, Uppingham Leicestershire in the UK, Stuart Florida.....guess that is 5 but can still add Chicago, Indianapolis and Noblesville.

5 jobs that I have had: Him well let's see. I was jack of all trades in my fathers restaraunts. Bartender, saleman, VP and President and CEO. I have done many things and have been successful and most. Now if I can just figure out what I want to be when I grow up.

I always enjoy getting tagged but always feel guilty tagging others. So if you read my blog I Challenge each of you to answer the questions.


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