Sunday, March 30, 2008

Question for you all...

Tell me about your vacations. Specifically tell me about your vacations with your family member with a disability. Did your location have everthing you needed? Was the room set up appropriate for your family? If you went to a resort and they had a program for children, were they welcoming to include your child with a disability? Did they have trained staff to work with your child?

I am looking for real feedback here on vacations and resorts gang, so please send everyone you know to drop me a comment.




AZ Chapman said...

Jeff I can not say much due to the fact that I do not use a wheel chair but what I do know was that there are elevators for wheel chair users and for people with Suitcases too AS far as programs go there was a kids club in Mexico that I attended with baby and mid-sis.

Also I have seen a girl in a wheelchair at Disneyland

hope this helps

Kei said...

Wish I had some helpful feedback, but since our last (and only) resort vacation was to Disney World 6 years ago when William was not quite 2, our experience is pretty limited. Although~ when we went to Downtown Disney for our family photo, the Mickey Mouse they had got down on the floor and just played with William, and they let me take all the pics I wanted with my camera. And they must have played together for 15-20 minutes, despite that there was a family outside the room waiting for their portrait.