Tuesday, January 22, 2008

We can fix our economy!

Well another day of doom and gloom in the economy. Stock Market down, foreclosures up, property tax's out of control. Well we created this problem now let's fix it cause it's all about JOBS!

The problem with our economy today is that the middle class that has carried us for 100 years is gone. Those coveted factory jobs at GM, Ford, Chrysler, GE and others are not going away folks they have just been moved. They have been moved to other countries like Mexico. Other good jobs in manufacturing of items like toys, and extension cords and household products and electronics are gone to China and other countries. Good paying customer service call center jobs sent to India where class's are held to give the workers American accents.....give me a break.

Let's fix it and fix it now.....let's bring that Made in America pride back! I hear this argument that those jobs went away because our market demanded lower prices. Well GM has been building vehicles in Mexico for awhile now and I don't see the price's of cars going down. I don't see companies that use to make toys here that are now made in China lowering prices. Well I will be the first to say that Profit is good...really good. But good ole American greed driven by the whiners on Wall Street is going to break us. It may be great to have the cheapest product with the highest margin but if people can't buy it because they are losing their house....well what is the point? So here are some ideas.

1. Cancel NAFTA and CAFTA - Free trade has helped everyone but the American middle class who lost their jobs. Kill it!

2. We need to impose a Tariff on all products manufactured outside this country for a period of 5 years. It needs to be reasonable to make American Made products competitive again but not high enough to stop all imports. Remember Toyota and Honda and others make many products here now and that is great. But the other stuff coming in needs to have a tariff for 5 years. Now before you go nuts and call me a socialist let me remind you if it where not for the Tariff's imposed on motorcycle imports for a short time by President Reagan, Harley Davidson would not exist today.

3. During this 5 year period we should offer a tax credit to all business investment in capital manufacturing operations in the US that will increase that companies US work force.

4. We must create corporate tax penalties for moving jobs from the US to other countries. And create tax incentives for moving jobs from overseas to the US, as long as that company did not benefit from moving the jobs overseas to begin with.

5. We need to cap mortgage rates to go no higher then 8% for 4 years. We also must cap credit card interest rates at 15% for 6 years to allow the American public to get out of debt and start saving again. Again nothing wrong with profit but when the Feds make rates 3.5% and the top interest rate is 30% on credit cards....hmm nothing wrong with profit but that again sounds like greed created by Wall Street analysts.

6. We need to allow anyone that wants to move to this country legally to be able to join us just as our families did before us. But we need a central processing point (remember Ellis Island) and we must stop the flow at our borders. No if ands or buts on this one.

7. To help control the problem we need to fine and take away the license to do business of any company convicted of hiring illegal immigrants. This fine needs to be $250,ooo for each illegal in employment and the license and or tax id suspended for 2 years. To help even the playing field we should pay a $10,000 reward to anyone that turns someone into the local prosecutor that leads to a conviction ( and yes this needs to be a local issue) Everyone should be welcome to come to America as long as they do it right. And all illegal immigrants in our prison system should be deported to their country of origin along with a bill to their country. If the US happens to owe that country money or aid...take it off the tab.

8. The last item would be a complete overhaul of our education system.....that next.



MaLady said...

Hey, Jeff. I'm new here...

Your comments are interesting, but... buying American and tariffs won't solve the problems of too many taxes and too high of expectations in the populace as well as a world that is catching up with us. I think the entire picture is different than the era when the factories could afford to pay so much.

Sorry to disagree with you being a new visitor, but you can handle it, right? I'm not so far from the places you mention, either. I do see the same effects you're talking about within the lives of people close to me.

Ma Lady

Jeff said...

Ma Lady

Thanks for the comments. It's when we can throw out ideas and have rational discussions about those ideas is when we will get this country back on track. I think part of the idea of the world catching up with us is in our heads. I think watching all the foriegn markets lose money this week just because our economy is weak tells us much about the world.

Hope to see you here again soon.


Jan Steck Huffman said...

Ok hon.. you know me, listen to you for politics then go to the net...

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