Sunday, October 15, 2006

Mike Sodrel vs. Barron Hill - Indiana's 3rd District

I am always amazed during the silly season how people from Washington DC use television to teach us about Hoosier Values. Nothing like the Republican and Democrat national committee's all the sudden understanding any values other then special interest groups and their money.

The interesting thing about this is the advertising we are being bombarded with on Indianaoplis television on the 3rd District race. Why is this interesing? Well my guess would be 95% of the Indy viewing area can't vote for either candidate because they represent Southern Indiana not Indianapolis. But the folks from DC are spending more money then I can imagine on these ads.

I don't know Mike Sodrel or Barron Hill nor can I vote for either, but since they are both from Indiana my bet is both of these gentlemen are probably pretty darn good guys. My guess is either one would try to make the best decesions they can for the people of Indiana if elected and they followed their Hoosier values and their gut instincts. But all we hear about is slam, slam and more slam.....all the polls say we as the public don't like negative ads so why do we let them get away with it. We can't find anything better to spend all this money on? I know I can.

But that is the problem in Washington today. Nobody votes based on any kind of value or gut insticnt. How do they vote? The do what they are told not by the people that elect them but by the goofballs in DC that run the R's and the D's, they same people that generate all this partisan political crap we are bombarded with everyday.

When was the last time anything really got done in DC? Well we did go to Iraq and the only thing good I can think of from that is Haliburton stock is stronger. Now I am not second guessing either side on this but only stating the only positive I can find about the whole mess.

Bottom line is when are we the American public going to finally say enough is enough and tell or Indiana delegation that we will not tolerate any more of this negative stuff. Cancel the ad's and stop the name calling......take the candidates running and get out in the district and knock on doors and let us meet you and talk to you and make a decesion based on what we think you stand for not what the goofballs in DC tell us.

Come on Hoosiers deserve better.

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